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  • F D C Burrows

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Alison Way, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 853599
    Address: Alison Way, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • F G S Gillingham

    Painters & Decorators (Business at Home) in Vernham Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 853952
    Address: 51 Vernham Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • F R Europe

    Employment & Recruitment Agencies (Office & Administration) in The Square, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 849222
    Address: 3 The Square, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • F S Foot & Son

    Agricultural Machinery - Sales & Service (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Fourways Farm, Micheldever.
    Tel: 01962 774209
    Address: Fourways Farm, Northbrook, Micheldever, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • F Wheeler

    Coal & Smokeless Fuel Merchants & Distributors (Warehouses Wholesalers) in Oxford Road, Sutton Scotney.
    Tel: 01962 760242
    Address: Willow Tree Bungalow, Oxford Road, Sutton Scotney, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Faber Fairfax

    Energy Conservation Consultants (Other) in Spring Lane, Colden Common.
    Tel: 01962 713220
    Address: 35 Spring Lane, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Facility Associates

    Office Planning & Design Services (Head Office) in St Peter Street, St. Peter Street.
    Tel: 01962 829830
    Address: Dolphin House, St. Peter Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Fairy Twinkle Toes Parties & Accessories

    Party Organisers (Business at Home) in Clamp Green, Colden Common.
    Tel: 01962 711733
    Address: 11 Clamp Green, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Family Match

    Nanny Agencies (Office & Administration) in Southgate Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 855799
    Address: 37-39 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Family Tree Ministry

    Counselling Services & Advice Services (Business at Home) in Old Kennels Lane, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 855963
    Address: 67 Old Kennels Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group

    Charities & Voluntary Organisations (Office & Administration) in Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 797443
    Address: Sparsholt, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Farringdon Feeds

    Pet Foods & Animal Feeds (Office & Administration) in Easton Lane, Easton.
    Tel: 01962 862219
    Address: Easton Manor Farm, Easton Lane, Easton, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Fascia Lift

    Cladding Suppliers & Installers (Other) in Highways Cottages, Micheldever.
    Tel: 0800-587 4752
    Address: 2, Highways Cottages, Micheldever, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Fech

    Delicatessens (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in High Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 850922
    Address: 147 High Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Feet Inc

    Shoe Shops (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in High Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 820178
    Address: 23-24 High Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Fernden Construction Winchester

    Fencing Contractors (Office & Administration) in Barfield Close, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 866400
    Address: Barfield Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Ferns Kennel

    Pet Shops & Pet Supplies (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Ash Close, Colden Common.
    Tel: 01962 711341
    Address: 23 Ash Cl, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Finch MacIntosh Architects

    Architects (Office & Administration) in West End Terrace, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 855240
    Address: 11 West End Terrace, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Fire-Power

    Fireplaces & Mantelpieces (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Springvale Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 882111
    Address: 29 Springvale Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Firmstone Road Sheltered Housing

    Sheltered Housing (Office & Administration) in Firmstone Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 853737
    Address: 27 Firmstone Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • First Church Of Christ Scientist

    Places Of Worship (Places of Worship) in Tower Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 863893
    Address: 58 Tower Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • First Wessex Properties

    Property Developers (Office & Administration) in London Road, Kings Worthy.
    Tel: 01962 880020
    Address: Kings Worthy House, London Road, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Fish Guidance Systems

    Acoustic Engineers (Head Office) in Belmore Hill Court, Owslebury.
    Tel: 01962 777789
    Address: Unit 2A, Belmore Hill Court, Owslebury, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Five Star

    Dry Cleaners (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Stockbridge Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 856060
    Address: 5 Stockbridge Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Flagstaff Stables

    Riding Schools, Livery Stables & Equestrian Centres (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Clarendon Way, Clarendon Way.
    Tel: 01962 854051
    Address: Flagstaff Stables, Clarendon Way, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Fletcher International Training

    Training Services (Office & Administration) in Olivers Battery Gardens, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 844111
    Address: 8 Olivers Battery Gdns, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Flight Plastics (UK)

    Plastics - Extrusion (Head Office) in Moorside Road, Moorside Road.
    Tel: 01962 850994
    Address: I A C House, Moorside Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Floors-2-go

    Floorcoverings - Manufacturers & Wholesalers (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Easton Lane, Easton Lane.
    Tel: 01962 890428
    Address: Unit 15 Winchester Trade Pk, Easton Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Flow Mech Products

    Pumps - Sales, Servicing & Repairs (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Manningford Close, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 877991
    Address: 13 Manningford Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Flowerdown

    Nursing Homes (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Harestock Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 881060
    Address: Harestock Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Focus Design

    Architectural Services (Office & Administration) in Staple Gardens, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 850000
    Address: 29 Staple Gdns, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Fone Bitz

    Mobile Phones (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Shroner Wood, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 791133
    Address: Shroner Wood, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Food Projects

    Project Management (Office & Administration) in Southdown Road, Shawford.
    Tel: 01962 711123
    Address: Cornersway, Southdown Road, Shawford, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Forbuoys

    Newsagents (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Stoney Lane, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 865281
    Address: 71 Stoney Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Forgeries

    Hardware (Factories & Manufacturing) in Brassey Road, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 842822
    Address: 108 Brassey Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Forme

    Lighting Retailers (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Parchment Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 842320
    Address: 69 Parchment Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Forte Travelodge

    Hotels (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Barton Stacey, Winchester.
    Tel: 01264 720260
    Address: Barton Stacey, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Forum Public Relations

    Public Relations Consultants (Office & Administration) in Eastgate Street, Eastgate Street.
    Tel: 01962 877833
    Address: Eastgate House, Eastgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Forward Consult

    Architects (Head Office) in Hampton Lane, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 864111
    Address: 8 Hampton Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Foster Care Associates

    Adoption & Fostering (Office & Administration) in Coker Close, Coker Cl.
    Tel: 0118-932 6836
    Address: Evelyn House, Coker Cl, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Foundry Motors

    Garage Services (Workshop & Repair Centres) in Lane, Headbourne Worthy.
    Tel: 01962 880269
    Address: Foresters Park, Wellhouse Lane, Headbourne Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Fountain Support Services

    Tree Work & Forestry Services (Office & Administration) in Andover Road, Andover Road.
    Tel: 01962 884555
    Address: Barton Farm, Andover Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Four Counties Stump & Scrub Clearance

    Tree Work & Forestry Services (Office & Administration) in Hill Lane, Colden Common.
    Tel: 01962 711155
    Address: 5 Hill Lane, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Fox & Sons

    Estate Agents (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Southgate Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 862121
    Address: 1a Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • FPDSavills

    Estate Agents (Office & Administration) in Jewry Street, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 841842
    Address: Jewry Chambers, 44 Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Frances Anne

    Hairdressers - Unisex (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Stoney Lane, Winchester.
    Tel: 01962 883344
    Address: 19 Stoney Lane, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
  • Francis Couriers

    Taxis & Private Hire (Shops & other Retail Outlets) in Long Park, Crawley.
    Tel: 01962 884252
    Address: Long Park, Crawley, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Frearson & Hewlett

    Antiques - Repairing & Restoring (Factories & Manufacturing) in Segars Lane, Twyford.
    Tel: 01962 713401
    Address: Segars Farm, Segars Lane, Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21
  • Friarsgate Medical Centre

    Clinics - N.H.S. (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Friarsgate, Winchester.
    Address: Friarsgate, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23
  • Friarsgate Practice

    Doctors (Hospitals & Medical Establishments) in Pound Road, Kings Worthy.
    Tel: 01962 882957
    Address: 40 Pound Road, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23

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